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Can you really get results with just 30 minutes of exercise once or twice a week?

Yes, quality exercise is key. Quality exercise requires adequate stimulus plus adequate rest and recovery. Strength training exercise that is slow and intense is so productive because it stimulates every part of your body, including the cardiovascular system. This stimulation promotes more lean tissue. You will benefit from the exercise, but also the rest and recovery. Strength training provides the stimulus and the rest/recovery provides the benefits

Can I lose body fat with strength training alone or do I need to diet?

The ability to lose body fat is entirely a matter of eating the kinds of foods that help your body maintain normal insulin levels. This is best achieved by reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugars in your daily food intake. Calories matter, but it is the type of calories that aid in fat loss. Exercise burns sugars not fat. With a low sugar diet, slow strength training aids in the production of lean tissue (bone and muscle). You will see positive improvements to your figure, not just a smaller version of yourself.

If I do slow and intense strength training more often will I get even better results?

It is possible that some people can do slow/intensity strength training exercise 3-4 times a week, especially in the beginning of a program (first 6 months) and get “better” results. However, it is the recovery (rest and sleep) which provides the benefits after the stimulus of the exercise. For those people that lead busy lives, rest and recovery is very important. So, unless you have little stress in your life and always get 8 hours of sleep each day, you will get adequate exercise with 2 sessions per week.

How do I get aerobic benefits from slow/intensity strength training?

Strength training, performed properly, challenges the cardiovascular system more than adequately enough to keep your cardiovascular system healthy; however it won’t make you a great runner or swimmer. To be healthy and maintain a strong cardiovascular system you will need other “aerobic” activities with the slow/intensity strength training. You will be able to perform these activities better and safer for many years to come. If you do not enjoy other activities, don’t worry, with a healthy diet along with strength training you will be pleased with the results.

Is the slow intensity workout safe for out of shape, older adults?

Yes, because slow lifting with a personal trainer on special equipment won’t stress any pre-existing injuries. It is the ideal way for aging adults to maintain and even increase muscle mass. We tend to lose muscle mass starting in our 30’s, this can lead to falls, joint problems and injuries the older we get. A key to prevention is engaging in safe and intense strength training.

I heard you don’t sweat – is that true?

It is possible that you won’t sweat as the exercise room is kept at a cool 63-65 degrees at all times. This is to keep you from overheating which may reduce performance and lead to nausea and other more serious issues. Some people will sweat, but only to cool down. Most people do not.

What ages are able to strength train at Strength Evolution?

We welcome ages 10 to 110! Getting stronger can benefit the pre-teen all the way through adulthood and through the retirement years!


To help you decide if Strength Evolution is right for you, we offer a complimentary program consult and 1 trial workout.

How do I get my free sessions?

During the consultation we’ll learn what’s important to you about your health, fitness and overall well-being. We’ll also learn about your goals, physical needs, health history and prior experience with exercise.

We’ll tour our facility and you’ll learn the details of our program and method. Following the consultation, you’ll be taken through three introductory workout sessions. Of course you’ll also be able to ask all the questions you may have and get answers to these questions.

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